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A website’s purpose varies from one company to another. However, one thing remains the same: clients, customers and employees will visit your website before choosing you. Since your website sets the first impression it becomes critical that your website properly displays your brand and your unique position in the market. Your website is your brand’s digital resume so it must be clear, professional, visible, and communicate effectively.

Websites Are Your Digital Foundation

Websites are the foundation of your digital marketing plan. It does no good to drive traffic to a website that doesn’t fulfill its purpose. Every website has the main focus to encourage traffic to behave in favorable ways (whether its leads or sales). Venture Digital is your source for all of your digital marketing needs and can design a website for you that fulfills your company’s purpose online in a clear and effective way.

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What Are the Key Features Of An Amazing And Effective Website?

As you consider developing a personal site or redesigning your current website, here are some critical components to keep in mind for your website.

Digital Marketing Ready

This may seem like a no-brainer, but your website has to be built around the strategies that will grow your businesses influence and profitability online. This is the most important component of a good website.

You cannot leverage powerful paid advertising tools like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter before your website is properly set up to receive this traffic and given clear and easy-to-follow pathways to buy from you or give you their lead generation information. All digital marketing efforts are only as good as your website. Businesses burn through digital marketing dollars every day figuring this out for themselves. Let’s get started the right way.

Call To Action Focused

There must be ample opportunities that are clear and simple for your website visitors to convert on your website through lead generation, email subscription sign up, phone calls, or email. If your visitors cannot figure out what they need to do or can’t find where they need to do it then they will never convert! We want to lead all website visitors down a specific and clear pathway to contracting with you.

Mobile Friendly

Having your website be mobile friendly is now necessary. The vast majority of your website visitors will come to your website on their mobile devices. If your website does not load super fast and smoothly on a mobile device and have easy to interact with features for a mobile device than you have lost the visitor. This is a staple on website development and must be at the core of every decision and design element on your website.

Clearly Organized And Structured Content

Your website content matters. Website visitors and search engine platforms read your content on a daily basis. Your content needs to be clear and speak specifically to your audience. Your website needs to have informational based content and sales oriented content. Once you have the basics covered, you need to expound your content by adding additional content through blogs or expanding pages that convey your expertise on the subject matter. If you want help generating solid content designed to expound on your niche and keep you an evolving thought leader in your industry then we can definitely help you with that! Check out our Venture Digital Content Marketing services.

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