Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We use in-depth research and expertly crafted SEO campaigns to UPGRADE your organic viability and performance

SEO is the process of strategically positioning your digital assets to rank high on Google and other search engines online for specifically used search queries. There is a very specific way to structure your website to maximize your relevance and authority on a given Google search. At Venture Digital, we know exactly how to do that for your agency.

Leveraging user search trends, content marketing and backlinks to work together to UPGRADE your online visibility is vital for every business. Our aim at Venture Digital Marketing is to provide you with valuable insight which forms the basis of a holistic SEO strategy, combining technical, content and coverage in a way that will drive traffic and revenue.

How Does SEO Work?

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) stands on 3 legs: Relevance, Authority, and Traffic.


Google utilizes “robots” or “crawlers” to sweep your website and analyze the content on every page. Google then categorizes the content into its content databases. So, relevance gets you on the search engine results page…  But Authority and Traffic determine your positioning on that specific search results page.


As Google categorizes your website it assigns a score to the content on each page in relation to the specific queries its users search. This score is then enhanced by authoritative  links to the page (called back links). Google analyses over 300 elements to generate your score for a given search. SEO experts are aware of these 300+ elemeents and can leverage this knowledge into improving your organic ranking and effectiveness of your website.


Google has infused its search algorithms with artificial-intelligence based learning. These algorithms are measured and made known to Google through its various tools including (but not limited exclusively to) Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Chrome browser. To simplify this concept; Google is constantly learning from the effectiveness of your traffic sources. Your “traffic score” is directly related to the engagement levels of your visitors to a specific page. This data is observed for all forms of traffic, which includes search ads, display ads, YouTube ads, even social media placements and ads. So, if your web page has a higher session duration and measured engagement levels than your competitors than Google will rank you higher.

why seo for realtors is important

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    Other Factors Affecting SEO

    On-page & Tech SEO

    There are 300+ elements that affect the organic ranking on your digital assets. On-page and tech SEO address many of these concerns within each page on your website. These edits to your website’s content, structure, and code enable Google to better classify the information on your website and allow SEO experts to increase your website’s rank for desired Google searches. This is a standard service in our SEO program.

    Local SEO

    As Google and other search engines become much more personal, so must your SEO strategy. Local SEO focuses on improving your real estate agency’s organic visibility in the local landscape and optimizing your directory listing information across the web such as on Google+, Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and many more. This is a standard service in our SEO service offering.

    Website Migrations And Redirect Maps

    Whether it’s a brand refresh or a platform change, websites come and go over time, but your traffic shouldn’t. A well planned site migration minimizes the surprises on launch day and aims to keep website visibility and traffic as steady as possibly by providing Google and other search engines with the correct information they need to properly understand the change. This is a standard service in our SEO service offering.

    Manual, Panda, And Penguin Penalty Removals

    Google places penalties on a website for a variety of reasons. These penalties can be very difficult to overcome, but are necessary to increase your website’s visibility. Getting back into Google’s “good list” quickly and efficiently is of utmost importance! We have experience in removing manual and other penalties swiftly based on a tested approach to link audits using industry leading tools to get the results you are looking for. This is a standard service in our SEO service offering.

    Technical Audits

    Google uses technical data to help determine your website’s score in its rankings. Technical SEO is the process of correcting the technical components in website design and development so that you can score well in this component of Google’s rankings. We can perform technical SEO audits and provide direction on the specific elements that need to be corrected and then resolve these issues for you. This is a standard service in our SEO service offering.

    Site Audit

    Let's do something great together

    Venture into a world of digital marketing success.