Google Ads Management

We use strategic and well-planned PPC advertising campaigns to UPGRADE your Google ads campaigns.

Google Ads is a powerful tool created by Google to drive traffic, quality leads, phone calls, and sales contracts in a short period of time.

Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform. Through our PPC management services we help businesses get in front of their customers and provide them with a clear pathway to getting what they want.

Google Ads accomplishes the 2 main goals

Every website has 2 main core marketing objectives:

  1. Direct specific (or targeted) traffic to the website
  2. Encourage traffic to take a specific action

From these two simple objectives flow a multitude of channels, services, tactics, and strategies, each of which is a critically important component in the overall marketing mix.

At Venture Digital, we take a holistic, research-driven approach to Google ads management. Within hours of research, analysis, and investigation, our experienced and talented team can identify opportunities that can transform your campaign or website performance.

One of our core competencies is Search Marketing both organic (also known as SEO) and paid (known as search engine marketing). We generate leads and sales through a range of PPC (pay-per-click) channels including Search Engine Management, display advertising, video advertising, and more.

Whether it is the strategy or execution, or even both, that your agency needs, our experts are the best in class and would love the opportunity to help you achieve and exceed your sales goals.

The Venture Digital Google Ads Process

There are 4 main definitions that we operate with when it comes to Google Ads: PPC, Cost Per Conversion, ROI, and Impression Share.



PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising. This is Google’s advertising platform. It is used when a business wants precisely targeted traffic to their digital assets immediately. PPC marketing is usually done with search ads, display adds, or even YouTube ads.

Search ads are primarily used by businesses to their goods or services to people actively searching for it right now. Display ads can be very effective when combined with other marketing campaigns for brand awareness, touch points, and to stay on top of mind.

YouTube ads work very well to provide additional context, remarketing, testimonials, case studies, and direct sales.

PPC presents a great opportunity as you are only charged for clicks to your website. PPC is best and most effective when the PPC Manager leverages hyper targeting and best practices to achieve ideal results.


Cost Per Conversion

This buzzword is often used in the marketing industry and it is the main KPI (or key-performance-indicator) we use to measure our ppc campaigns effectiveness. This number refers to the current cost we are paying per individual that calls or submits lead information from the advertising campaign. We determine these goals with our clients while setting up the campaigns and then dial in campaigns to balance out both the cost per conversion and quantity of conversions.


ROI (Return On Investment)

The best part of PPC is that data is easily analyzed. Every business wants a return on their digital marketing investment. We are able to achieve an ideal cost per lead when a ppc campaign is set up properly and optimized effectively. Once ideal  ROI is achieved we are easily able to scale out our campaigns to achieve the exact desired lead-flow by a metric called “impression share.”


Impression Share

Impression Share is the digital marketing industry term for market share. To put it simply, it is the percent of times your PPC ad actually appears in relation to your targeting criteria over the specified time period. An impression share of 50% means that your ad is only appearing 50% of the time it could. So, if your PPC budget of $1,000 generates 100 leads and your impression share is 50%, then you can double your budget to $2,000 to reliably generate 200 leads or sales.

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