Effective Content Marketing For Realtors

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Content Marketing is critical to your brand and needs to be part of your overall digital strategy!

Content Marketing Is a term that defines the creation of materials (whether in image or text form) to be used on your digital assets and in association with your overall digital marketing strategy.

Content marketing makes a drastic difference in the overall performance of all of your digital marketing efforts.

Here are some examples of how realtors can use content marketing and how they can be impactful in your overall digital strategy

Gated Content

Gated content is simply a free or trial resource that you offer to your website visitors that requires the visitor to submit contact information to you in order to receive. An example of this would be a checklist on what qualities make for the best realtor – so prospects know who to trust to get the job done well. Another great example is a PDF detailing strategies to selling your home faster in exchange for contact information. Gated content works very well for realtors and has become a staple lead generation strategy.


E-Books are a great way to put your content in the hands of your website visitors in exchange for their contact information. The best strategies for this include money-saving tips or advise and include plugs for your services sprinkled throughout the content. A good example of this would be a realtor giving 10 tips to increase the value of a home. Throughout the content, the realtor can include plugs for free home evaluations, assistance in getting the highest price for their home, and getting their home sold quickly.

Webinars And Auto-Webinars

If you really want to kick your authority and sales funnel up a good bit, then you really should consider hosting webinars. Webinars give you the opportunity to interact with your prospects, establish rapport, and offer your services. This digital marketing approach generates very high profitability with a very low cost. Realtors can use webinars to educate home buyers on how to save tons of money with buying a home in regards to “fixer-upper” type homes so buyer doesn’t get hosed after making their purchase. Realtors can also use webinars to discuss ways to increase the salability of a home and increase its value (offered as training for those who want to try to sell it themselves) and offer their services during the webinar.


Infographics are an image used to represent information or data. The best infographics segment data in a creative, short, and bullet point format. Most infographics are used to aide in sales. Realtors often use infographics to creatively display key information bits about living in certain local neighborhoods (such as safety statistics, job market security, home value increases over time, etc). Infographics can also be used to convey the benefits of hiring you as the prospects realtor as opposed to trying to sell a house themselves.

Email Newsletters And Email Drip Campaigns

Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing to this day. Good realtors offer a means for their site visitors to submit their contact information in exchange for something. The best realtors leverage their contact database to contract new clients and extend the lifetime value of their clients. By using a properly crafted email drip campaign, realtors can dramatically increase their overall sales volume. This is often done by maintaining the relationship with previous clients or by crafting a specific email drip sequence that follows an ad campaign. There are so many ways that email can get you better success. Contact us today today to see how your agency can leverage email campaigns.

Content Marketing Is Necessary For All Realtors

If what you are looking for with your website is more leads, better engagement, or more sales, then content marketing is the service for you.  This is usually done by the more serious realtors as it takes more time, planning, and execution than the average marketing plan, but the result of the work is worth every penny as it is a solid investment into your agency and is proven to dramatically improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

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